Poppin Tags Maaaayyynnnnee!

...And since we're on the subject of Big Girls doing Big THAAANGGGGSSS!! Lemme just remind y'all kittens that you may now get a lickle sneak preview of the 7" on THE MYSPACE PAGE!!

You can also get more info (and read the beautiful words of Ms.SDot) on the 7" HERE!

and please believe I had few wizzzoorrddss to say about it...right down...there ↓↓↓ !!!!!!


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TrillVille said...

I was finna put up a post with a cute picture or cartoon or youtube clip about how we're really doing sizable things as of late and then I was like, nope, not gonna bump the 7" post. No way Jose rico suave.

Anywho, congrats on the single covers. They is beautiful. Like your growing afro. She's taking on a life of her own. It's pretty fantastic.