DJ Wicked & Crooked i

DJ Wicked is THAT VINYL DUDE for the North West. He's been behind the deck game since before the Pearl district existed (I remember that dump of a neighborhood pre condos and gelato too). He still maintains resident nights all over town and opens up for the big wigs traveling through. Every once in a while he drops us an audible treat like this to remind us why his name rings bells. Plus, the man packs brass knuckle heat and his girl Sara just started a wicked cupcake business. She brings the homemade goodness to her man's events. For this past weekend's "Sucka Free" monthly at the Tiger Bar, her cakes had marzipan lollipops with red "X"s on them to match the night's logo. How sweet.

Download Wicked and Crooked i's latest "Jackin' For Beats 2009" collaboration HERE and just remember, all scratches and song mixes are made live and on vinyl only. None of that Serato shit in Wicked's house.

xoxo - S.

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