Nuovo Magazine | ♥

Pumpkin pie photographer BriAnne Wills was contacted by Nuovo Mag, a newbie fly fashion magazine out of New York, for the spread she and I did at my homie fry T. Rust The Deejay's secret record den. They did us one better and chose a shot from the day for their April 2009 issue's cover. Sweet like hot vanilla lattes.

Love to BriAnne, T. Rust, Miss Anna MacDonald, our model du jour, Jessie Feldman, lip gloss and eye shadow queen bee, Dave "Yonkers" Notti, Nuovo's Mr. M. Duval and the MLK Blvd. Mid-K Beauty Supply. Arts and crafting those claws was the most fun I've had with super glue in a minute.


xoxo - S.

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