So Fresh So Clean 2009 | ♥

2nd annual So Fresh So Clean, hosted by the PSU Breakin' Club and the Apple Juice Crew. It was amazing beyond words. 750 kids through the doors, all dipped head to toe in premeditated 80's outfits. Break dancing, graffiti art, deejays and emcees. My heart lives for days like this. Huge thank you and shout out to Mighty Moves of Def Con 5, the Apple Juice Crew and PSU's Breakin' Club, who did an incredible job.

Arian Stevens, esteemed Portland photographer and hella fly fella came and took genius flicks of the jam. Google him, send him a thank you note and hire him to come immortalize your next festivity.


And Mighty Moves and the boys were featured on the AM news promoting the event. Yippee!


See you all in day glo next year.

xoxo - S.

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