Keelay & Zaire | Vapors Mag

La vida loca. Crazy Monday yesterday. A crack head stole my wallet from work. The only thing to pull me out of my poor-me pity party was finding out that my first piece for Vapors Magazine went live this morning. I did an interview with Trek Life and Oddisee before this one so hopefully that'll get some shine soon too. Huge major shout-outs to Elosi and J.K.


xoxo - S.


Ima said...

Thats what Im tawn bout! thanks again homey


RaeRaeAvis said...

crazy...i'm recording to one of their beats...like right now...as in right now...well not recording but listening back...for Don's album...weird...really weird. BUT THEIR SUPER DUPER DOPE!

binny said...


TrillVille said...

Oh whaaaaaaaaaa? Mr. Kee checks comes to Trillville? Oh gong. Love it. Glad you seent the piece, glad you liked it. Glad you're working with Rae Rae.

Come to up to the NW corner of things and play with us why don't cha.

xoxo - S.