Apple Tat

The "Apple Man" that Malik drew on his Sharpie rampage finally came to life today.....and of course I took pictures.

afrter the "Apple Man" found a nice, warm, loving home on my forearm...I stopped at Saras job...which has a HUGE Bert & Ernie...hanging....on the celing....I kid you NOT!

I was also reminded today that I am NOT the ONLY EAGLES FAN IN PORTLAND!!! *starts to sing* FLLLYYYYY EAGGGLLESSS FLLLLLLYYYYYY!



Anonymous said...

zomg!!! what the funk, rae gots a tat now?!!! I love it <3

RaeRaeAvis said...

ummm Ms. Alex...this will be my 3rd...that means i'm a certified gangsta!