Universal DJ Sect & Moloko's Plus : ♥

Moloko's (3967 N. Mississippi St. / 503.288.6272) is one of THE prettiest, plushest, flyest bars in Portland. Tucked away on Mississippi Street and sitting between one of Portland's few authentic bodegas and across the street from Sameunderneath Clothing's new locale, Moloko's is full of white leather chaises and couches, a warm lengthy bar where sit jars and jars of marinating homemade infused Vodkas (they carry so many flavors from the norm like Peach and Vanilla to the obscure like Lavender, Green Tea and Sundried Tomato). At the far right end of the bar is an Atari, equipped with a shoebox full of games (free to play). Just past this lovely 80's flashback is the bar's spacious, heated outdoor patio, where you'll find large co-op tables and smaller, more intimate nooks and crannies to sink into. The bar staff is gorgeous and pleasant but the weekly deejays are Moloko's diamond.

One of my favorites (I've seen and heard so many talented people - the supply of quality, vinyl, hip hop-tinted deejays is exquisite) is Universal DJ Sect, who spins Saturdays at Moloko's. Universal has been a Portland hip hop feature for years and years, his vinyl collection (his specialty is original hip hop breaks, funk and soul) is outstanding and he is the proud deejay, producer and insanely talented beat miner for Portland's Animal Farm and emcee Serge Severe, who just dropped his second LP, Concrete Techniques. Following his premier, Orangutan Slang, Concrete Techniques is a beautifully crafted musical offering which has been enjoying high praise across the city (and nation).

Go. To Moloko's. On a Saturday.

xoxo - S.

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