A PDX Bizarre

Fuck buying presents in our gutter economy. Most of my friends are broke and unemployed anyway. Why add stress to an already stressed out time of year?

Don't know about you all but this Holiday season, if one more person tries to pass off a tapered aromatherapy candle (although I am stressed), pack of Hanes ankle socks (it is cold outside) or a can of Progressive Lentil soup (I am hungry) to me in the name of gift-giving, I'll have to change my secret clubhouse handshake. So this year, I'll be encouraging my damn self and all my loved ones to buy interesting, thought-provoking, locally-crafted gifts. Lucky for us, my wildin', stylin' girl Heather Treadway (Paperdoll Fashions) to the rescue. Opened my inbox this morning to find the above flyer. I know there's all kinds of craftastic shindigs around town in the next couple weeks so find yourself one that fits and spend that government unemployment check wisely.

xoxo - S.

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