Tears of Joy

Okay so honestly, I am NOT a Ne-Yo fan. His lips are a bit to pouty & greasy for me (do you wear the clear Mac Lipglass too?!?!?) and I kinda think he's corny (this is MY blog I can say whatever I WANT TO SAY). However, homie can sing and write his ARSE off!

I wasn't trying to check for his new album...AT ALL. My Dope and Fly boo Mica RAVEEDDDDDD about the album...A LOT. I decided to stop being a Brat..ta..tat..tat. and actually check the album out. *sigh*

The VERY first song I listened to was "So You Can Cry" (yeah...this emo chick allllwayyyss gravitates to the super sappy "i left and now you're talking to my brother i think i'm gonna jump out of my first story window" tracks). THE SONG IS DOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEE ANNNNNNNNNNND FLLLLLLLLLLLY (pun)!!!! So much so, I decided to make a blog about how ILL the song is without listening to the rest of the album!!!! PREAACCHHH!!

I must say...based off this track and the BPM bumping Closer....I kinda dig this man. Seriously...I think I'm gonna put aside the whole lip thing and really check for dude.

Enjoy my $9.99 Ne-Yo.

So You Can Cry - Ne-Yo


Add "Part of The List" to the ILLNESS too
Part Of The List - Ne-Yo

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Anonymous said...

Finally! Someone else who will appreciate Ne-Yo with me instead of make fun of me:) --Chisa Khan