Boobie Time

I'm about to interrupt your regularly scheduled program.

This is not your typical Trillaboos post.

My name is Ragen...nothing's EVER typical with me.

Now, lets get down to business.

Breastfeeding is so FREAKING FANTASTIC (get your head out the gutter)! I seriously enjoyed breastfeeding my son. It was like this crazy bonding moment that only he and I had. It was pretty dope.

In the process... your nini's need a little extra moisturizing (lol i'm typing this and thinking about what folks are gonna say to me next time they see me out *dead*)...and this stuff IS THE TRUF!!!!!

It's like chap stick for boobies. It's so awesome!

To all the super fly nursing mommies...I give this 4 thumbs up (thats my thumbs and Malik's)!!!

Make sure to order yours @ WWW.BLACKWAGON.COM

They also have SUPER ILL clothes for your growing FLY ONES.



8thlight said...

*blink* . . . *blink*

*blank stare*

Leigh said...

'What I would give to be Malik' ... said my friend Ari.