Lets Go Half On A Sampler

So instead of joining in on the nights festivities...myself and Kenny Fresh took our nerdiness a notch higher and decided to go half on a Sampler @ Applebees instead.

It felt so much better to be bummy...in the Tron...eating mozzarella sticks...laughing our ARSES off and....just doing hoodrat things (pause). *dead*

And to go home and end the night with an episode of LOST?!???!! OHHH MY GOONGG OH MY GONNGGG!!! NIRVANA!


1 comment:

Kenny Fresh said...

damn, how did i miss the post?
i'm slackin!!

but yes, we did indeed have a glorious victory over that Applebee's sampler,
it never even saw us coming

Just wait till Voodoo gets a hold of us!