Local cuties with booties aka Rae's men.

This label-dripping trifecta showed up at Annie Angell and Illaj's first monthly party at East last Thursday. They had a fancy photographer dude walking around flashing his camera in folk's faces. Which is awesome because it makes my job of describing the tasty treats Rae missed out on (because she was being fabulous and recording instead of getting hammered and committing lewd public acts, wait a second, that was me) ultimately easy as pie.

Anyhoo, here Rae Rae, is a snap from the party of the fellas I would've put money down to see you talk to. Or at least suck face with in the unisex bathrooms.

Just remember to send me a wedding invitation.

xoxo - S.

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RaeRaeAvis said...

*sigh* aint this about a...